A Phrase a Minute – Angličtina Youradio Talk

Programme 19: disinterested... uninterested

1. srpna 2019 18:50

MAN: Our plan clearly isn't working. I think we need to hear another point of view. Can you think of someone who could give us disinterested advice? WOMAN: How about Paul? MAN: No, it can't be Paul, his boss is a major stakeholder. What about Ian? WOMAN: Ian is competent enough. The problem is, he seems to be completely uninterested in this whole thing. disinterested - nemá na věci žádný osobní zájem – nestranný, nezainteresovaný, objektivní uninterested - nezajímá ho to, je mu to lhostejné, jeví nezájem another point of view - jiný názor, pohled zvenčí advice - rada major stakeholder - majoritní vlastník competent - schopný