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Mustn't/ don't have to

17. srpna 2019 18:51

At home with Mr and Mrs Reynolds: MR R: Telephone MRS R: I'll get it (LIFTS RECEIVER) Hello TEACHER: Hello, Mrs Reynolds, this is Johnny's teacher. MRS R: (A LITTLE WORRIED) Oh hello. TEACHER: (COMPLAINING) Mrs Reynolds, Johnny was late for school this morning…. MRS R: Oh yes I'm sorry, we overslept. TEACHER: Johnny mustn't be late for school.. MRS R: Sorry TEACHER: He has to be on time ….and he mustn't bring his football to school. MRS R: Of course. Paní Reynoldsová tlumočí telefonát manželovi: MRS R: Well thank you for calling - goodbye…goodbye (PUTS DOWN RECEIVER) Oh dear. MR R: What did she say? MRS R: Erm, she said that…Johnny has to be on time for school. MR R: She's right MRS R: Yes, and she said something about a football. I think she said “he doesn’t have to bring his football to school”.. MR R: (RELIEVED) Oh that doesn’t matter. He likes taking his football to school. She shouldn't worry about that. It's not a problem. To, že Johnny nesmí chodit pozdě do školy, je Reynoldsovým jasné: he mustn't be late for school/ he must be on time. Nedorozumění nastalo ohledně míče. Učitelka řekla: Johnny mustn't bring his football to school - nesmí nosit míč do školy. Paní Reynoldsová v rozčilení větu změnila na: Johnny doesn't have to bring his football to school. To by znamenalo, že nemusí míč nosit.