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19. srpna 2019 17:26

Bruselský zpravodaj Chris Morris: It may be scarcely noticed amidst the flurry of war in Iraq, but this is something of a turning point for European defence. For the first time, the EU, that most political of organisations, will run a military mission. It's putting flesh on the bones of its ambitions to create a viable European defence identity. It's neither the biggest, nor the most ambitious of missions - just three hundred troops in Macedonia to begin with, for just six months - but it is a start and it has great symbolic importance. If all goes well, and as the EU is taking over from a successful NATO mission there's no reason why it shouldn't, then there will be more to come. VOCABULARYa turning point for European defence - mezník evropské obranné politiky putting flesh on the bones - rámcový plán byl rozpracován symbolic importance - symbolický význam largely symbolic - negativní konotace