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6. srpna 2019 18:52

Caroline Wyattové z Korsiky: For decades, successive French governments have sought solutions to the Corsica problem; none has yet worked. This time, the government of Jacques Chirac had hoped the offer of a limited form of devolution would finally bring peace to the island, which has been wracked by violence for nearly thirty years. Corsica's narrow rejection of the new regional assembly is a bitter disappointment, especially for the French interior minister Nicholas Sarkozy, who'd campaigned hard for change. Responding to last night's result, he said the French government would respect the wishes of the Corsican people, but he called it a 'wasted opportunity'. The 'no' vote will also sadden those on the island who'd seen this limited measure of autonomy as the best chance to end the separatist campaign, while keeping Corsica French. But despite the government's enthusiasm for reform, a slight majority on the island preferred to keep the status quo. VOCABULARYlimited form of devolution - omezená devoluce to wrack - mařit violence - násilí narrow rejection - těsné odmítnutí bitter disappointment - hořké zklamání wasted opportunity - zmařené příležitosti separatists - separatisté