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4. srpna 2019 18:52

Barnaby Philips z Johannesburgu: The Nelson Mandela Bridge is a striking structure. But its real significance is that its construction marks yet another attempt to revive Johannesburg's city centre. From a distance, downtown Johannesburg looks impressive, a collection of skyscrapers and neon lights. The reality is much more depressing. Over the past fifteen years, big business has fled to the northern suburbs. Many of the skyscrapers are abandoned, leaving squatters, crime and urban decay. Now, the city authorities argue that they have brought crime under control and a huge investment has been made in the Newtown area, intended as a vibrant cultural centre and home to the famous Market Theatre. VOCABULARYstructure - (velká) stavba, konstrukce to revive - oživit construction marks, to mark - stavba představuje, symbolizuje skyscraper - mrakodrap urban decay - úpadek, rozpad, rozklad města to bring crime under control - dostat kriminalitu pod kontrolu a vibrant cultural centre - pulsující kulturní centrum