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1. srpna 2019 18:52

Barbara Millerová: The bride wore a traditional white dress and arrived in a sleek car, but that's where normality ended as twenty-seven year-old Yekaterina Dmitriyeva married her sweetheart Yuri Malenchenko. Since the groom was unable to be there in person, guests were greeted by a cardboard cut-out of the forty-one year-old cosmonaut. He's due back from an extended mission on the International Space Station in October, but the couple decided they couldn't wait that long to tie the knot. But the wedding wasn't without controversy. Both NASA and the Russian Aerospace Agency tried to get the couple to wait until Yuri returned to Earth. VOCABULARYto be somebody's sweetheart - (výraz ze staré školy) "něčí drahý/drahá" to tie the knot - "spojit do manželského svazku" - vzít se tie a knot - zavázat na uzel, udělat na něčem uzel bride - nevěsta groom - ženich cosmonaut - ruský kosmonaut astronaut - americký astronaut an extended mission - prodloužená mise