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31. července 2019 18:52

Valerie Jonesová z Iráku: The breach in the water pipeline was a matter of frustration - a large area of Baghdad without water for twety hours. But the fires burning in the oil pipeline to Turkey are a more crucial setback for hopes of rebuilding the country. Local oil officials are blaming sabotage and with the pipeline once again shut down, Iraq is losing 7 million dollars a day in oil revenue. Now thousands more guards are being recruited to join more than five thousand Iraqis already watching the pipeline. But it stretches for around a thousand kilometres and protecting the whole length won't be an easy task. VOCABULARYoil pipeline - ropovod water pipeline - vodovod sabotage (fr. sabots) - sabotáž setback - zbrždění, zhoršení situace rebuilding the country - obnova země oil revenue - příjem z ropy to recruit - rekrutovat, zaměstnat thousands more guards - tisíce nových strážných it stretches for a thousand kilometres - táhne se na tisíc kilometrů