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27. července 2019 18:52

Barnaby Phillips: Bill Gates, along with his wife Melinda, visited a malaria treatment and research centre north of the Mozambican capital Maputo. Mr. Gates said that malaria is robbing Africa of its people and potential. United Nations officials warn that malaria does not only inflict terrible suffering, it's also damaging Africa's economies. The grant from the Bill Gates Foundation will help to fund the search for a vaccine as well as develop new drugs and new preventative measures to fight the mosquito-borne disease. Malaria and AIDS both kill thousands of African children each day. VOCABULARYmalaria treatment and research centre - centrum pro léčbu a výzkum malárie to inflict terrible suffering - působit strašlivé utrpení to damage - poškozovat grant - grant/dotace foundation - nadace to fund - financovat it's right up there with AIDS - nezadá si s AIDS, je na tom stejně jako to hold back - bránitBill Gates: Over a million children die of malaria every year, and that's getting worse, because of drug resistance. Hundreds of millions of people have malaria preventing them from going to school or going to work, and so this is a disease that's right up there with AIDS in terms of the need to apply science, to apply more resources, to get everyone involved, rich world, developing world, in dealing with something that holds back Africa from reaching its potential.