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26. července 2019 18:52

Richard Black: Even at the Kyoto Protocol's inception in nineteen ninety-seven, there were indications that some nations saw it more as a trade opportunity than an environmental agreement. Last-minute revisions were made allowing rich countries to keep their own emissions high, instead paying poorer nations to reduce theirs. The country which would end up paying most, it was thought, was the United States, while Russia would be the main beneficiary. Now the US has withdrawn; and with it has gone Russia's main hope of making money from the treaty. In recent days Russian officials have said they won't ratify Kyoto without guarantees of income. VOCABULARYa trade opportunity - obchodní příležitost last-minute - na poslední chvíli to end up - dopadnout to waver - váhat to exert pressure on - tlačit na