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24. července 2019 18:52

Ian Pannel: Ahmed and Mohamed Ibrahim were brought to the US from Egypt a year ago to prepare for this complex and high-risk operation. Though they have separate brains, the two year olds shared an intricate web of blood vessels. After months of preparation, doctors in Dallas spent hours separating them and carrying out restorative surgery. So far all has gone to plan. When their father was told that he now has two boys, he fainted on the spot. Their mother, like much of the team, was in tears. Although the procedure appears to have been a success, much remains to be done. The boys will now be taken to an intensive care unit where they will remain in a drug-induced coma for up to five days to prevent brain damage. They will then need months of therapy and additional reconstructive surgery in the coming years to help them recover. VOCABULARYcomplex - komplexní, složitý an intricate web of blood vessels - spletitá cévní síť an intricate web of lies - spleť lží he fainted on the spot - na místě omdlel an intensive care unit - jednotka intenzivní péče a drug-induced coma - uměle navozené bezvědomí surgery - operace