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21. července 2019 18:52

Tim Johnston ze Sumatry: The flash flood hit early on Monday morning after a night of heavy rain swelled the river Boharok in northern Sumatra. The flood brought down telephone lines in the area and local authorities are still trying to establish the true scale of the tragedy and the nationalities of those involved. Fatal floods and landslides are a regular feature of the wet season in Indonesia, but they are becoming more common and more deadly as population pressure and illegal logging strip the land of the cover, which used to absorb much of the rains. VOCABULARYflash flood - blesková záplava to bring down - strhnout local authorities - místní úřady fatal - ničivý (osudný) landslide - sesuv půdy illegal logging - ilegální kácení stromů, mýcení pralesa