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20. července 2019 18:52

Ania Lichtarowicz: An unhealthy diet together with little exercise and smoking are the key preventable risks of non-communicable diseases and it's estimated that low fruit and vegetable intake alone causes more than two and a half million deaths each year. Eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day ensures an adequate supply of micronutrients like vitamins but it can also reduce the amount of fatty and salty food we eat which isn't good for us. Evidence is growing about other benefits of fruit and veg. too - they can help prevent heart disease, some types of cancer, the most common form of diabetes and obesity. The W.H.O. and the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation, who are behind the scheme, want to increase consumption in developing countries - which grow a lot of the global supply of fruit and vegetables - and also hope to encourage it in the developed world, where the popularity of convenience foods means that many people no longer eat enough fresh produce. VOCABULARYnon-communicable diseases - nepřenositelné, nenakažlivé nemoce micronutrients - mikrovýživa, mikronutrienty veg - vegetable - zelenina convenience foods - upravené potraviny (sušená, zmražená, konzervovaná jídla) produce - (zemědělská) plodina