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World Aids day: campaign launch

17. července 2019 18:52

Imogen Foulkesová: The W.H.O. says preventing and treating AIDS is the most urgent health challenge the world has ever faced. Eight thousand people die of AIDS every single day, although it is now a treatable disease. Six million people, mainly in the developing world, need antiretroviral drugs but don't have access to them. The Three by Five plan wants to ensure that poor countries get the best quality medicines at the best prices and it aims to improve care, treatment and diagnosis by training thousands of new medical and community workers......... The W.H.O. says the Three by Five plan is a way to challenge the unacceptable inequality surrounding the treatment of AIDS. But six million people need the drugs and deciding which three million will benefit will be very difficult. Individual countries will have the final say, but a meeting to discuss this is due to be held at the WHO in the next few weeks VOCABULARY ‘Three by Five’ - třem milionům nemocných nasadit do roku 2005 antiretrovirální léky WHO - Světová zdravotnická organizace every single day - každičký den, každý jeden den antiretroviral drugs - antiretrovirální léky don't have access - nemají přístup to improve care - zlepšit zdravotní péči unacceptable inequality - nepřijatelná/neakceptovatelná nerovnost will have the final say - budou mít poslední slovo