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Cambodia: King Sihanouk's web site

11. července 2019 18:52

Clare Arthursová: The web site of Norodom Sihanouk details not only his music, but the films of Cambodia's head of state. His Royal website was set up a year ago, but site managers say its popularity has jumped and they've passed the milestone of one-hundred-thousand hits. The eighty-one-year-old king also receives ten emails a day. The increasing popularity of the web site Norodom Sihanouk dot info -- might reflect the fact that the communicative king is using it to comment on the political crisis in the country, with no new government formed since general elections last July. His messages sometimes worried, sometimes mocking appear on the site as handwritten notes in French, with frequent comments on the political and other problems of his kingdom, including corruption, deforestation and, recently, the subject of his own death and the vexed question of his successor............. The royal site also details royal activities - state visits, aid to the poor and some of Cambodia's modern history. The beloved Sihanouk has seen much of Cambodia's recent trials as a king, a politician and an exile, including independence from the French, the rule of the genocidal Khmer Rouge, democratic elections and, perhaps in the near future, genocide tribunals. VOCABULARY to detail - uvést podrobnosti to jump - skočit nahoru passed the milestone - překročit hranici vexed question - problematická, sporná, zapeklitá otázka successor - nástupce, následník genocide tribunals - soudní procesy s těmi, kdo se podíleli na genocidě