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Taleban drugs control was very effective

10. července 2019 18:52

Danny Shaw: During the 1990s Afghanistan was the main source of the world's illicit heroin supply, but from July 2000 until its downfall over a year later the Taleban regime enforced a ban on cultivating opium poppy, from which heroin is manufactured. Farmers who refused to comply had their faces blackened and were jailed; in extreme cases they were paraded through the streets. The study said the result was that poppy growing in Taleban controlled areas almost ceased and that globally, the heroin supply fell by 65-percent. But since the Taleban was deposed poppy cultivation has increased sharply. The report's author, Professor Graham Farrell, says the success of the strategy raised important questions about drug policy and policing, but he said it would not be desirable, nor possible, to take such draconian measures elsewhere. VOCABULARY illicit - nelegální the Taleban regime enforced a ban on cultivating - zakázal pěstování to comply - vyhovět (předpisům), dodržovat paraded through the streets - vozit/vodit pro výstrahu ulicemi poppy growing almost ceased - pěstování opia téměř ustalo was deposed - byl svržen