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Sydney riot

6. července 2019 18:52

Phil Mercer: Aborigines are the most disadvantaged group in Australia. They die on average twenty years younger than their white counterparts and suffer disproportionately high rates of ill health, imprisonment and unemployment. Large numbers of people have self-destructed through the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Relations between the police and many young Aborigines are often strained at the best of times. What is certain is this violent episode will be a major setback for efforts to improve relations between black and white Australians. VOCABULARY Aborigines - the most disadvantaged group - domorodí obyvatelé Austrálie - nejvíce postižená skupina white counterparts - bílí spoluobčané disproportionally high rates - nepřiměřeně vyšší počet imprisonment - uvěznění unemployment - nezaměstnanost what is certain is - jedno je jisté a major setback - značné zhoršení