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El Salvador elections

1. července 2019 18:52

Clare Marshall: After a nasty election campaign, which opened up the old divisions of El Salvador's bitter civil war, the right has triumphed once again. ARENA, the party which has ruled this tiny Central American country for the last fourteen years, has been given a new mandate. The party faithful started celebrating just minutes after the vote count began, when initial results suggested that former sports television presenter, Tony Saca, would win in the first round. Less than three hours later, before the official result was confirmed by the electoral council, Tony Saca declared himself El Salvador's president elect. VOCABULARY divisions - rozdělení to open up - otevřít a new mandate - nový mandát the vote count - sčítání hlasů the party faithful - nejvěrnější stoupenci strany initial results - počáteční výsledky president elect - nově zvolený prezident