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Big Cat in danger

26. června 2019 18:52

Helen Briggs: Sometimes known as Europe's tiger, the continent's only native wild cat once roamed Spain, Portugal and southern France. Now there are only two breeding populations left, and conservationists say the last few animals may die out in the next few years. The report says the EU's contributed to the lynx's decline by subsidising roads, dams and farming schemes that have killed wild cats and destroyed their habitat. The organisation that carried out the research, SOS Lynx, says there's little time left to save the species because it's so close to extinction. It's calling for a change in political policy to protect the animal's habitat and safeguard its future. If more isn't done, it says, Europe faces the terrible embarrassment of the first extinction of a big cat species since pre-historic times. VOCABULARY native wild cat - divoká kočka pocházející/původem z Evropy conservationists - ochránci životního prostředí to die out - vyhynout, vymřít habitat - přirozené prostředí extinction - vyhynutí