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Prisoner Abuse

24. června 2019 18:52

Carolyn Quinn: The investigations continue into allegations that British solders were involved in abuse of prisoners in Iraq. Nothing's yet been proven but in Paris last night, the Prime Minister, when asked, issued this apology: "We apologise deeply to anyone who's been mistreated by any of our soldiers. That is absolutely and totally unacceptable. Those who are responsible for this, if they've behaved in this appalling way, they will be punished according to the army discipline and rule." No.10 insists that such an apology doesn't amount to an admission that the allegations are true. But pressure is building on the government to reveal when it first became aware of the claims, particularly after Amnesty International last night joined the International Committee of the Red Cross in saying it had warned of allegations of abuse up to a year ago. VOCABULARY allegation - obvinění abuse - zneužití he issued this apology - omluvil se to mistreat - špatně zacházet totally unacceptable - naprosto nepřijatelné appalling - otřesný No.10, number ten - číslo deset (Downing Street); sídlo britského premiéra