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18. srpna 2019 18:52, Ondřej Kopa

Rádio Z

Catherine Davisová z Kábulu: UNICEF warns that failing to address these health and nutritional challenges will hamper any serious long-term development here. It says the health of the population is directly related to their country's reconstruction. Chronic malnutrition is said to be widespread; major cases of mortality among children include diarrhoea, respiratory infections and malaria. Iodine deficiency is common in women, resulting in low birth weight and deafness in newborn babies. What the UN is calling for is long-term investment in projects that strengthen Afghan women and children's rights to good health care. VOCABULARYto address - vrhnout se (na řešení úkolu) directly related - přímo souviset malnutrition - chronická podvýživa diarrhoea - průjem respiratory infections - záněty dýchacích cest malaria - malárie mortality among children - dětská úmrtnost to call for - požadovat, volat po long-term investment - dlouhodobá investice rights to good health care - právo na kvalitní zdravotní péči