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14. srpna 2019 18:52, Ondřej Kopa

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Rachel Harveyová z Bali: For more than an hour, Amrozi sat quietly listening to the long list of charges brought against him. Wearing cut-off trousers and flip-flops, from time to time, he shuffled uncomfortably in his chair. The first person arrested after the devastating bomb attacks last October, Amrozi is now the first of more than thirty suspects to face the courts. He's accused of buying the chemicals to make the bombs and of supplying the van, which delivered them. Under Indonesia's new anti-terrorism laws, if found guilty, he could face the death penalty. Outside the court, a crowd of local people watched proceedings on live television. Every time Amrozi appeared on screen, they jeered and threw makeshift missiles at his image. Inside the court, Amrozi's lawyers began their defence. Amrozi naively admitted his role in the attack they said, but the law needs more than confessions, it needs evidence. VOCABULARYcharges - obvinění accused - obviněn, obviněný suspects - podezřelí anti-terrorism laws - anti-teroristický zákon he could face the death penalty - hrozí mu trest smrti makeshift - po domácku vyrobený, provizorní defence - obhajoba confession- přiznání evidence - důkaz