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25. července 2019 18:52, Ondřej Kopa

Rádio Z

Louise Limová z Číny: These comments are a sign that Chinese ambitions in space go far beyond a manned space flight. A top defence official, Wang Shuquan, said China will conduct tests for a future lunar landing and the Beijing Youth Daily newspaper has described the next milestone after the manned space flight as sending a satellite to orbit the moon. In the past Chinese officials have even talked of the possibility of establishing a base on the moon. A successful launch will spark an outpouring of national pride, boosting the credibility of the Communist party. Failure however would be a huge loss of face. VOCABULARYmilestone - milník manned space flight - let kosmické lodi s posádkou to go far beyond - sahat mnohem dál to conduct tests - provádět testy a lunar landing - přistání na měsíci to orbit the moon - obíhat měsíc a base on the moon - základna na měsíci a successful launch - úspěšné vypuštění kosmické lodi national pride - národní hrdost loss of face - ztráta tváře, sebedůvěry, důstojnosti