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17. srpna 2019 18:52, Ondřej Kopa

Rádio Z

Nick Thorpe z Budapešti: Turnout was extremely disappointing - only around 45 percent of eligible voters. This was much less than the resounding "yes" the government had been hoping for and somewhat embarrassing for Hungary. The Prime Minister, Peter Medgyessy, put a brave face on the result nevertheless. The citizens of Hungary, he said, like good parents, had provided a future for their children. Rival explanations have been advanced for the poor turnout. The campaign was one-sided with no state funds at all provided for the small civil groups campaigning for a "no" vote. Many Hungarians expressed their worries about accession by staying away. But the result was valid, so the prime minister is now authorised to sign the accession treaty, and Hungary will join the union in May next year. VOCABULARYpoor turnout - slabá volební účast resound - znít, zvučet less than the resounding 'yes'… - ne příliš zvučné „ano“ rival explanations - protichůdná vysvětlení one-sided campaign - jednostranná kampaň expressed their worries about accession - vyjádřili své obavy ze vstupu to put a brave face on - předstírat, že situace je lepší než ve skutečnosti je